NSAR Races

Natural Selection Adventure Racing was formed in 2007 just as the local adventure racing company was closing its doors. Our goal was and still is, to give racers a safe, challenging, affordable event that participants of all abilities are able to compete in. We started with our flagship event ‘Race the Phantom’, and have added a number of races since to keep racers engaged in the sport. This is a list of the events we currently offer and their dates for the upcoming season.

Who’s Your Daddy? Adventure Race – 10 June 2017
This event is the first in the season for us and is a great way to shake off the winter cobwebs. The course design is beginner friendly and as a result we get racers of all calibers, and a few father/son, mother/daughter teams (or any combination). The course is designed so that you will get the full race experience and complete all disciplines despite you ability level. If you happen to be an experienced racer, no worries, we have you in mind also with plenty of advance check points for you to attempt. The race is traditionally held the first or second weekend in June.

Race the Phantom Adventure Race – 4 Aug 2017
The idea of the Phantom came from the location of the first event we hosted, Dalhousie NB. The town sits on the shores of the Baie des Chaleurs which is home to the Chaleur Phantom. The first Phantom race took place in 2007 and was a 24 hour event which was well received and we have been hosting it ever since. The Phantom has grown over the years and is now a 40 hour race with a 24 hour option for teams working up to the longer times. This race is a harder event, and will be sure to test your mettle. Are you up for the challenge? The race takes place the long weekend in August with usually a midnight start on Friday.

Woola-Stalk Run…..for your life!!! – TBA
Who doesn’t like to dress up for Halloween, put on a headlamp and run through the woods while ghouls lie in wait to jump out and scare you. This event is a fund raiser, your admission is a donation to the food bank and a costume. This event has also been used as a fund raiser for families touched by cancer to help in any way we can. Thank you racers for your generosity, it always astounds me.

Crunchy Leaves  & Cold Water – 25 Nov 2017
This is the last race added to our line up and it is the last race of the year for NSAR. Since the weather is cold, the ground  frozen, and the potential for snow in the air, this race has been kept to the disciplines of trekking and mountain biking. Conditions can be icy so be sure to wear whatever protective gear you see fit, at minimum you must have a helmet when biking. The event is a 6 hour race and takes place the last weekend in November.

In years the Phantom was on vacation we hosted ‘Petite Phantome’ so our racers could have their August fix.

Don’t forget to check out our close friends at Orienteering New Brunswick, it is a great way to work on those important navigational skills.

There are also some new kids on the block who put on a great race called Bay 2 Bog, check them out.