Bunch of Whys?

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Why did I start to RD?
The history of Natural Selection Adventure Racing is short. We started in 2007 when there were NO other companies or organizations hosting races in the Maritimes. We started because we tried the sport in 2006, loved it, and then it was gone. We were hoping to try and grow the sport again and perhaps encourage others to host races that we could attend a race ourselves.

Why did I RD for the past 8 seasons?
I continue to put on events because I still love doing it. I enjoyed the challenges of finding a location for the course, scouting it, getting permission from landowners, setting it up, and tearing it down.  The planning for an event such as Race the Phantom starts one year in advance with many, many weekends spent away from home.

I enjoy the challenges of the logistics of hosting an event, finding sponsors for prizes, insurance, advertising, finding enough racers to cover my costs while trying to keep the race fees as cheap as possible (sorry for all the emails), finding areas for TAs that have enough space, finding volunteers and tricking them into a tremendous amount of work, updating and creating maps since they do not exist with any details in NB, making booklets, rules, staying late after work to print all the materials and making sure they are packaged for teams and ready on race day, finding U-Hauls and hoping they are still available on race day, and the list goes on and on, if you have ever been a race director then you know what I mean.

I LOVE the excitement on race day, hearing the stories from racers after they challenged themselves and did something they thought was beyond their capabilities, but more importantly I LOVE having everyone off my course safely.

Why will I RD tomorrow?
I am honestly not sure. This was never supposed to be a stressful activity for me. I always say that when something gets to a stress point that it affects my life, then perhaps it is time to eliminate it. I guess we will see….if an event gets posted, then I have found a way through. If nothing is scheduled there is your answer.
There are three things I really, really hate about hosting events that continue to take the joy out of the experience for me.

1) collecting money
2) ranking teams
3) begging people to race

These things cause me enough stress before and after a race that I have cancelled Race the Phantom 2014. The fact that the participation levels so low that we have paid money out of our own pocket for almost every single RTP to date to try and make it work, this really sucks.  Who’s Your Daddy was started to encourage people to race at RTP, and also to help fund the race.

Why I will race tomorrow?
This is a great sport. There are some awesome events out there, I encourage you to go find them and race them, leave your backyard.



WYD14 Results

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Hello Racers

Thank you for your patience, and sorry it took me so long to get these results posted.  I also want to apologize for the confusion I created during the event my breaking one of my own rules…..never change a rule during a race.

You all performed better than I could have imagined on a rough and tough course, and the amount of controls you were able to visit during the race is a testament to this.

The scorecard is as accurate as I can make it given what I have recorded at the finish line and from speaking with you. I promise there will be no scoring confusion at the finish of one of my events again. Sorry.

The next race scheduled is Petit Fantôme which is also a 10 hour event. This race will not have a tire pull, or any other non-traditional AR discipline. You will bike, trek, paddle and navigate. The team with the most controls in the allotted time frame wins. The date I have set for this event is September 6th.


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